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The John van Geuns Fund supports chemistry research at the UvA, in particular various aspects of molecular spectroscopy. Furthermore, it awards scholarships to first-year undergraduate chemistry students.


As of the 2019-2020 academic year, the John van Geuns Fund provides scholarships to first-year chemistry students at the UvA to promote the number and excellence of prospective chemistry students. More information about this is provided on our Dutch website.


The John van Geuns Fund has established a special chair at the University of Amsterdam regarding the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and matter, such as photochemistry and (laser) spectroscopy.

Lectures and conferences

The John van Geuns Fund supports various aspects of molecular spectroscopy research at the UvA through the sponsoring of lectures and conferences. UvA chemistry researchers can apply for contributions from the fund to attend congresses abroad, and international scientists are invited on a regular basis to give lectures at the UvA. Conferences in the Netherlands are regularly sponsored.


The John van Geuns Fund can make contributions to assist in the purchase of dedicated equipment for molecular spectroscopy research at the UvA.